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Learn a little more about this new web publishing platform and what it has to offer.

DTP Sites is an all-new online publishing platform with modern features and a productive, multi-author work flow. It's integrated with the DTP Core, and even includes video hosting and live streaming when combined with Shing or DTP Venue. Sites isn't based on another project, a fork of something old, or just another blog with a new logo. Sites is new, it's different, and it's imagined and built from the start for the modern publisher.

DTP Sites is connected to to the DTP Core. This means that posts here reach our entire community, and Sites appears as a Destination they can choose from a menu to come see what's new. People can also follow a site, and get updates delivered directly to their home timeline on our Core. DTP Sites is open source, and you can run your own. When you do, you can connect it to the DTP Core (and other cores) to increase the reach of your Site.

You can create posts and static pages. You get a Newsletter for mass-mailing your audience. And, when you go live on Shing or in your Venue, your Site will come alive and embed your stream and chat. People don't have to leave your Site to watch your stream. And, we're going to integrate Shing/Venue DVR and Library directly into Sites to help you feature your latest content from around the platform.

This is still only just getting started, and there is a lot more to come. We aren't far from launching our social network, Shing Social. DTP Radio will be launching before the end of the year. And it's all integrated into one homogeneous platform that has achieved both decentralization and resiliency.

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Founder of DTP, creator of Sites, Venue, Shing.tv, LibertyLinks.io and more to come.


  • coolrock

    8 months ago

    when can i make my site

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