Strategize, Then Organize

First, learn to organize. Then, please learn to strategize. This is important. You are not organizing. You are not strategizing. You are wasting your time. These are the reasons why you are failing.

Gatekeepers and globalists (Communists and jews) fear nothing more than alternatives like Shing. They will use every tactic you know and can think of to disparage, prevent, attack, and destroy any and all alternatives. Shing is not unique for being attacked. Gatekeepers have to preserve their monopoly on information and the money that flows to control it. This is not an option for them. It's an absolute requirement. All competition must be eliminated by all means necessary.

Because you just can't have Joe Biden, Trump's Vaccine, Died Suddenly, and More For Israel (with open borders for white nations) without the strict control of information.

What the right is failing at most right now is developing a cohesive strategy, and then organizing around it. And that is because you people will NOT ignore, block, and remove your known enemy from your conversations. Or, you simply can't come up with a strategy or organize around it (or both).

People are instead using these powerful tools to "own" random Internet anime icons by posting a square picture in a comment box. And here is why they do that:

  1. Jews provide people who start and "fight" the arguments against you; and
  2. Jews also provide the people who encourage people to fight it by clapping for them.

The jew's goal: Keep you all distracted and fucked-up in the head, waste all the time you will give them, drive you to drink if possible, cause apathy, and make you trust the plan, buy the Thing, donate to the Campaign, and sign the Petition.

People know it's all theater. They call it theater. Then, they go sit in the audience, and clap. They let the jew speak and believe they are arguing with it because the other jew is sitting right there clapping for them and saying, "Good job!"

I am neither expressing an opinion of that, or judging. I am looking at reality, then using my words to describe it. I do this because it helps people see The Experiment. Then, I let them know that they can't End the Experiment while participating in it.

It is important to communicate the way humans communicate. This is done best with the voice, face, and body language. Media that does not convey these things is deficient. So no, I am not excited about launching next website anymore. We've already launched the one that will matter: The time I have to offer that project will go to that project. My time will not go towards other projects until that one has achieved its goals.

And comments are off because I genuinely no longer care at all about what you have to say. I don't care if you agree. I don't care if you disagree. I just don't care at all what you have to say. Not anymore.

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