Shing-to-Venue Transition Progress

The transition from Shing to Venue is coming along nicely, and Venue is starting to take shape. Come check out the progress, and browse the growing collection of Venues forming now on DTP.

Venue Multi-Channel Support

Working on making the preview in the sidebar an actual tuned-in preview instead of a still/thumbnail. Also, Venues can now be multi-channel and multi-author, allowing whole production teams to have a home base on the Internet with a comprehensive and very easy-to-use publishing suite at their fingertips.

Venue Embedded Player and Chat

The iframe-based integration of live streams is temporary to get it up & running faster. And, it's going away right now. The stream/video will be on-page controlled by local code, and there will no longer be "Shing" chat. The chat is now simply that of the Venue. You'll still have stickers and everything else you know from Shing, but the chat itself is now hosted by the Venue (as is the stream).

I'm also re-implementing the stream player view basically from scratch. You will (finally) have a Library and DVR browser on MOBILE of all things (half the room faints). I've also fixed the Service Worker for Venue (as was done for Shing) so that now you can have settings for notifications...per Venue...and they can use Push Notifications from your wristwatch to the desktop to your TV and back.

You will also only need to log into the Venue using either your DTP Core account or a local account on the Venue. There will be no separate login for Shing, Venue will simply honor your DTP Core account.

DTP Venue Home Page With Offline Channel

This is where things are headed in terms of live streaming on the professional level. Social streamers will be moving to DTP Core and Core Chat Live. It's a different experience tuned for entirely different use cases like game and movie nights, IRL-style streaming, and hangouts.

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  • CyberShell

    7 months ago

    When you say

    but the chat itself is now hosted by the Venue (as is the stream).

    does this mean Sites will or can be a mini-Shing?

  • CyberShell

    7 months ago
    [comment removed]
  • CyberShell

    7 months ago
    [comment removed]
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