Shing Becomes Only Venue Dec 1, 2022

Due to finishing another month $2,000 under goal, I have decided to close Shing as you know it at the end of November, and focus entirely on Core, Sites, and Venue for clients.

The website you know today as will be closing at the end of November, and will become Venue. Venue will launch ahead of Shing's shutdown on November 21, 2022. And, Venue's sole focus will be to provide a comprehensive professional-tier publishing suite and many related services to professionals who are done being told to shut up. Not sure if you've noticed, but the world is starting to imitate YOU. To continue to meet your needs going forward, this has to change. And, it has to change now.

These systems don't run without funding. The ones that do are the ones you complain about the loudest. You have said Shing fixes many of those problems. I can explain why.

Funding is the reason you were able to stream when you wanted to, without issue, and as much as possible. Funding is the reason you could do that without restriction. Funding is the reason your audience always had just a few seconds of latency in chat with the best picture and audio available. Funding is the reason Shing chat was some of the most engaging and fun in existence today, period.

Current Supporters

I am very thankful to the people who did support, and we will be honoring your donations on-platform (Blades, which will now receive a new name). I've seen that some of you have taken some of this personally, and you shouldn't. You know you supported. I know you did what you could as often as you could. You are the reason we got this far and aren't stopping. You are the reason I'm going to turn this into only Venue now and focus on your needs going forward.

This is what is fair. It is completely unfair to keep asking you to carry the full responsibility of the platform and all systems while making you watch people walk out the door without paying for the same thing you paid for. If I owe you an apology, it's for making you do that.

Social Streaming

I encourage social streamers to explore what will soon be Core Chat Live. And we will talk about that before December 1, 2022. You will be able to host your game and movie nights with friends. The latency will be even lower. The picture and audio quality will remain tunable to your capabilities. You can still use OBS to stream with friends in smaller, more intimate spaces that can be equally or even more private.

Because DTP will be operating it's own Venue. So if you want to know what's going on at DTP, you can always just select DTP Sites as a destination on our Core, and be present. That is going to be among the only places we communicate.

Going Forward

We're on the right path, and everything happens for a reason. Not sure if you've noticed, but people like Kanye West are now imitating you. This means it's working. But, we have to do better. This change has to happen.

There will continue to be streamers who use this technology either as their primary way of publishing and being online, as their backup way of being online, or as some other part of their overall media strategy that meets their needs. Core, Sites, and Venue are all moving forward. But, what I am building can't be offered for free or for less than what is asked.

I am not only building a streaming platform. When using Shing, you are using one of several distinct products coming before the end of 2023. I am trying to look far forward and very big, and to be as comprehensive as possible covering streaming and on demand content services, web publishing, real-time audiovisual communications with data, meetings, large-scale conferences, and the distribution of news...globally.

We are not going to get there on the current funding results. So we're going to shut down Shing, support professionals, and continue to do what we can to change the world for the better one human conversation at a time.

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Founder of DTP, creator of Sites, Venue,, and more to come.


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