Add HandCash to LibertyLinks?

What if advertising was more direct? What if advertisers just directly paid people to visit their links?

Online advertisers commonly pay to get their message and link in front of people in one of two ways:

  1. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Online advertising is a monetary bidding war for your attention. It is nothing more. It is nothing less. The advertiser who pays the most per 1000 impressions or click gets to be seen or seen more often or seen with more emphasis. It's a very simple economy. It also works.

Being More Direct

What if advertisers could offer to directly pay you to visit their link? LibertyLinks is a website made of links. It can easily add features that charge $5 for an advertiser to create a paid link, set a budget, and set an amount they'll pay per unique visit to the link. Paid links would be able to add a text message to be displayed with the link up to 200 characters.

Any profile on LibertyLinks would then be able to have one or more paid links on their profile. LibertyLinks could also present the Top 3 paid links in the sidebar based on the amount offered per click. As links run out of budget for the hour, day, or campaign, they would be removed from the list to make room for advertisers who offer less.

These links would expire from the advertiser's profile when they spend their budget or 7 days, whichever comes first.


LibertyLinks will add no per-click fee. It's unnecessary. The advertiser would just be directly paying people to visit their link. They will receive the payment directly from the advertiser and not from LibertyLinks. Payments won't have to pass through LibertyLinks. LibertyLinks would just trigger the payment directly from the advertiser's HandCash wallt to the link visitor's wallet.

Payment would only happen once per visitor. Visitors can't visit your link multiple times to be paid multiple times. One paid visit per visitor. The payment will go directly from the advertiser's wallet to the visitor's wallet, and not pass through LibertyLinks at all.

This technically gives the advertiser your HandCash wallet username, display name, and profile photo. So this notice will be displayed before every payment for visiting a link on LibertyLinks:

Accepting payment to visit [link name/label] will generate a payment from the advertiser's HandCash wallet to yours. Your public profile (username, display name, and profile photo) will be shown in the advertiser's wallet activity.

Why HandCash?

HandCash uses Bitcoin SV as it's currency, which makes it very feasible to offer as little as $0.05 for a link visit. Advertisers could offer as little as $0.01. It would still make sense because the fee for sending Bitcoin SV is $0.00001 or similar, if charged at all.  a web wallet that allows for easy top-ups in small amounts to purchase Bitcoin SV, then use it to make micro-payments online. Their business model is centered around micropayments in services like games and video streaming platforms.

DTP uses HandCash to implement tipping, donating, and subscription purchases on We are experiencing success with it, and would like to offer this feature in LibertyLinks. It is a way to better monetize the service, and it can provide a real incentive for people to use LibertyLinks and visit it to discover what's new on the web.

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