Anjew Torah Should Only Be Ignored

A few thoughts on why Andrew Torba (Anjew Torah) should only be ignored by anyone who is serious about fixing the situations we are in.

Torba wonders why he has nothing to show for his time and effort spent in national politics? He wants to focus on local now? LOL. Don't let him do that. He will fuck that up, too.

He gave Nick Fuentes $20,000, and spoke at the worst possible convention and conference (AFPAC). He went on the worst shows such as Tim Pool to sell a $500 pocket Constitution while basically wearing a business suit over what looked like some knight's full-body armor out of the dark ages or whatever. And sunglasses. Indoors. At night. That was him. He did that.

Now, he wants to not remind you of those things. He hopes you won't remember those things while saying that he magically has nothing to show for it all of a sudden and for no reason at all. In fact, he just doesn't want you to notice these things or talk about them. And, that is why people now call him Anjew Torah.

Because of course he doesn't have anything to show for his efforts and YOUR money spent and gone. Why would you expect to have something to show when you gave the money to Nick Fuentes to pump Laura Loomer & shit? LOL!

People even told him he'd have nothing to show for it. And, at that time, he called that feedback, "Feminine behavior." He told people to shut up and trust the plan. He told people that AmericaFirst and Nick Fuentes were the Tip of the Spear. He said, get this, "Groypers were going to change America!!" He has never apologized for that, admitted that he was wrong, or made amends.

Torba needs to take his empty hands, his nothing to show, and his busted-ass website, and go hide in his hole. He needs to sit there, stay quiet, and do his stupid parallel economy if he can win his lawsuit against Dan Bongino and some "mystery jew" who tried to steal it. And the mystery jew in all of that is YET ANOTHER situation people deserve to know about - but probably never will.

Gab Sued Dan Bongino Over Parallel Economy Trademark In 4 Count Lawsuit

Anjew Torah needs to shut the fuck up. You can't show up late to the party with a photocopy of someone else's homework covered in jizz stains and expect people to clap. I mean, shit - if the guy is going to lie to people for a living he needs to get better at that. Because this all just looks sad, degenerate, and fucked-up...and only keeps getting worse.

I don't know who is advising the guy and never did. But holy fuck.

Please think I'm done. Allow yourself that hope. My writing here will be ongoing, and I am going to start naming more names and telling you what those people have done.

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