Have Goals And Work Towards Them

Ask people to describe their goals and explain their progress towards them. Avoid people who can't do that.

A great question I discovered early on to help learn more about people in a very short amount of time is asking them what their goals are. I mean actually ask people to describe their goals. If they have any, also ask them to describe their progress towards them.

Here's what's funny: I can tell people this. If they don't have goals with measurements of their progress towards them, they simply aren't a serious person. It's not something you can just make up on the spot. If you lived the process of working towards your goals, trust me, I can ask you a couple more questions to determine if you are lying.

You are allowed to let a person's inability to answer these questions be a red flag. And, in my experience, it's never wise to ignore the fact that a person has no goals and can't explain the work they do towards them.

My Goals

My goals are and have always been clearly stated:

  1. To leave people who refuse to do better in yesterday
  2. To stop the genocide of White people
  3. To provide tools and resources White people need to succeed
  4. To provide places where White people can be White people without feeling like 2nd-class citizens
  5. To change people's perception of technology and how we use it
  6. To help people understand that their sucess can be their own responsibility (it's a choice)

When asked or spoken to, I describe those goals and my progress towards them. I am able to describe what I've done. I can describe what I'm currently doing. And, I can describe what I want to be doing. I do it often. You're using a piece of my progress towards my goals right now.

My Work And Progress

Summary: Entire platforms - plural - exist because I don't sleep, take breaks, or fuck around at all. I'm not known for being lenient. I'm not known for being tolerant. I'm not even known for being nice and that's because nice people (for some reason) finish last after not winning.

As a result, I:

  1. Led the DTP/Shing community to successfully raise $50,000 while donating 5% to GiveSendGo
  2. Am successfully transitioning Shing to launch/live status with a subscription model and on-platform currency
  3. Built DTP Core and Sites (previews online now)
  4. Built Shing (exiting pre-release status into launch now)
  5. Built LibertyLinks (has been in production for about a year)
  6. Built StopSemitism.org (few have seen it, many will soon)
  7. Provided technologies and services for people to do what they do and grow
  8. Free people's minds from the traps they are in if and whenever I can

I also do things offline, but haven't been focused on them recently. I have done what I could to help people who were only trying to help people. And, I have first-hand seen the corruption that steals victory from those who deserve it. I've also watched nothing get done about that by a broken justice system.

So, I also have bigger goals centered around restoring The United States of America to what our People wanted and built. I work towards my goals in support of those bigger goals. And, that is why we are constantly attacked by the jew.

Share Your Goals

I describe my goals to people often. I mean out-loud, here in writing, and pretty much to whomever will listen. Are some of them subversive and looking to either sabotage or steal those ideas? Sure. But, by keeping up the pace and reaching more good than bad people, you simply out-pace the bad people and dwarf their efforts. That's one secret way to defeat bad people.

Anyway, the main reason I describe my goals is because then good people can help me work towards them. And, for some strange reason, good people can't do that if you or I am keeping our goals a secret or whatever.

Also, and this is bad news: No one can help you with your goals if you don't have any. Beyond that, no one will want to help you work towards your goals if you aren't personally working towards them with a description of what you did, are currently doing, and will be doing in the future.

Pro tip: Also be able to describe how you need help. Be able to tell a person what they can do to help you.

Let People Describe Themselves

If the question is, "So what are your goals? And, what are you doing today to work towards them?" and the response is a blank stare or an attempt at changing the subject? Run. That's the best advice I have for you in that situation, no matter what that situation might be. This applies to interpersonal relationships, marriage, business deals, pretty much all of life. All people. Everywhere.

Ask yourself this: Can a person without goals already working towards them really help me achieve my goals at all? Or, does this person just want something?

You can ask these two simple questions. They cause no harm and are just words. Those questions will, however, help a person describe who they are (or fail to do that). You can avoid harm and getting hurt by asking these questions and being honest about the answers you receive.

Asking a person about their goals either trips up the pretender while you watch it happen, or gives them the chance to explain who they really are. Do it.

What I've Learned

People want solutions that are Made In The USA to focus on the needs of the USA, but they also don't want to pay for them. Instead, they want the investor and the advertiser to pay for their solutions. While wanting that, they know and understand that the investor, advertiser, and providers of convenience are their enemy.

These people not only don't have goals or the ability to describe them, they don't know what goals are. They don't know what work is. And, this is why I really do leave some people stuck in yesterday while saying, "That's fine."

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Founder of DTP, creator of Sites, Venue, Shing.tv, LibertyLinks.io and more to come.


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