Happy Thanksgiving!

There's a lot wrong with this world, but also a lot to be thankful for if you know where to look!

I am thankful for the people I've been able to meet through DTP, Gab, and our efforts beyond them. I am thankful for every person who decided this was going to be the year they turned on a camera, microphone, and crazy new platform...and reconnect with people on a more human level to experience joy.

I'm thankful for what I've seen happen as a result of all that. People's lives have measurably improved. Some have worked with their brothers and sisters to learn new skills and have gotten new jobs. We got a based sheep farmer out of jail. I've watched strong men and women both quit drinking. I've watched people make new friends, play music, watch movies, share and discuss the news, and make art.

MOST importantly, I watched White people openly be themselves and not get yelled at for doing that. I watched people start a new business. I watched people make things. I watched people build race cars and run races with them, learn a new skill, get a new high score, and play a song they just wrote.

And, yes, I watched you notice the jew more than I can recall in my lifetime. I watched Jonathan Greenblatt fail. I watched the ADL fail. I watched the troons who used to ban you from Twitter fail. I watched Mark Zuckerberg miserably fail. We're watching Cable TV and Hollywood fail. We're seeing professional sports be rejected by our people. I am personally trying to get even Matt Walsh to name the jew, and now even that might happen.

All of that is a lot to be thankful for. It really is. They are the gifts and blessings we will continue to spread into this new year. And, I refuse to back down or even slow down. The jew has been ruining Thanksgiving for White families for decades now. It's time for all that to end, and for us to once again have bountiful reasons to give thanks on this day and all like it going forward.


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  • Cheap Therapy

    6 months ago

    Amen, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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