HandCash: Build A Notary PoC In 90 Minutes

HandCash offers a Web Wallet that makes sane online commerce possible on the blockchain. And, if there is confusion: PoC means Proof of Concept.

I don't advocate for investing in cryptocurrencies and never did. I don't give financial advice and never will. This is technologically exciting because HandCash is solving real-world consumer-oriented business and commerce problems - with fees that make sense - on technology that isn't older than COBOL and mainframes.

I don't care which specific blockchain provides solutions and services to the problem domain. This one happens to be Bitcoin SV. I am not advocating for anyone to invest in Bitcoin SV. As a blockchain, however, it serves as the way HandCash moves money from A to B. It does it instantly, and with fees so low you can ignore them.

I care about the fact that a serious effort seems to exist right now solving actual consumer-level business and commerce problems. That is what matters to me. That is all that matters to me.

You could say I was patient, waited, and hoped

[actual Kanye West in a gimp mask interrups: No, we pray]

prayed that a solution would arrive. It seems to be arriving. And this is why the HandCash wallet and APIs are being deeply integrated into everything I'm doing. Right now.

This is fun to watch happen right as the world is noticing things and people like SBF seem to be going to prison forever (if they even make it there).

Video: Build a trustless notary service on bitcoin from scratch


No. I am not building a Notary. The example is provided so you can (if interested) see how the HandCash API can be used to build a variety of necessary online commerce solutions. And, for now, that is all I want to say about it.

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