DTP Sites v0.6.2

Multi-channel support for Venue builds, Site Links, better navbar organization, better menu organization, and more.

DTP Sites has been updated to v0.6.2, which has the following changelog:

  • Multi-channel support for Venue
  • Venue channel editor and management for Admin
  • Venue UI components for channel card, channel list item, and channel grid
  • Home page fixes and updates
  • Image display and responsiveness for home page down to mobile
  • SiteLink model, service, etc., for adding links to your Site
  • Many navbar enhancements and fixes
  • RSS, ATOM, and JSON feed generators

Relevant Updates

Multi-Channel Support In Venue

Venue owners can now add more than one channel, and the site presents a channel lineup instead of just one integrated channel. For today and until Nov 21, you need the Shing Channel URL, Stream Key, and Widget Key for each channel you want to add. Venue will then verify the channel, and configure it for presentation right on your Venue. There is no limit to the number of channels you can add to your Venue.

Site Links

In the Admin tools, you can manage a list of links to other sites. When you have some, a new navbar item and off-canvas menu item is added to present the links to your Site visitors. It makes a simple attempt at figuring out the linked Site's favicon, and will get better at detecting various sites' icons for display in the menus.


Your DTP Sites or Venue based platform now generates an RSS, ATOM, and JSON feed. These are available at /feed/rss, /feed/atom, and /feed/json. This enables site visitors and members to add your Site/Venue to their favorite RSS/ATOM/JSON feed reader, and stay informed using those apps.

This will soon also be how audio-only feeds are generated, which then become podcasts hosted by your Venue or Site.

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