The DTP Public Core Is Online!

Our public core is online! This core will accept connection requests from all nodes, and will probably be our largest online community.

The Digital Telepresence Platform (DTP) is made of many different kinds of nodes. The base node types are Core and Service nodes. Cores build communities of members and provide communications tools. Service nodes are the "apps" those people acces and use running all over the Internet. The first DTP Public Core is now online at!

Authentication and Authorization

All nodes in the DTP ecosystem provide OAuth2-based mechanisms for authenticating members to sites and for allowing those members to authorize sites to access their information, perform actions, and send them information. Core nodes exist primarily to build user communities and provide basic communications tools such as Core Chat and Core Mail. They also then provide a menu of apps their members can use. Those apps are Service nodes.

This allows any "app" throughout the ecosystem to provide authenticated services to members of any DTP Core. The ones that then also implement the Kaleidoscope protocol can then interact with DTP community members in new ways.

Events and Notifications

DTP Core systems aggregate events and notifications into the timelines, notifications, and inboxes of their site members. Some of these are public and will be seen by all members of the Core. Some are targeted to groups such as subscribers to a blog or a stream channel. And, some are targeted to individuals such as an invite to join a chat room or a reply to a comment on a blog post.

Communications Tools

DTP Core systems provide communitications tools to their site members including Core Chat and Core Mail.

People who enjoy the chat on Shing will immediately recognize and enjoy the chat on DTP Core and all other DTP sites. They all have chat, and they all have Sticker Picker 9000! Your stickers will now move to DTP Core, and you can take them with you to all sites you visit and use. On a Core, however, Chat has all of it's features on display. You can create public and private rooms of your own, you can invite people from around the whole ecosystem to join your chat room(s), and you will soon be able to turn on your microphone, camera, and screen share. You'll even have a Whiteboard for drawing on in real a group.

Core Mail is almost exaclty like standard Internet email. Your Core Mail address looks exactly like an email address. It is your username [at] the core's domain name. I am That also happens to be my email address at DTP, but it's not an email address when using Core Mail. It's my Core Mail address. And Core Mail works very differently from normal email. You'll see soon :)

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