Beware The Subversive Jew

Be careful when joining leagues. Some of them are pure fantasy, and are put there to mislead you into failure on purpose. I won't let our people fall for it anymore.

You don't need me to tell you the reason Shing comes under attack from subversive jewish actors all the time. People do what they can to sneak past our policies and defenses, they sometimes even acquire a channel by lying and presenting a false history. They ALL eventually let their mask slip, and then we instantly delete and remove them.

I will never stop doing that, and we are becoming FAR more guarded about who we allow onto the plaform. I am intolerant of subversive jewish tactics, and I don't care how that makes some people "feel" because they're being incentivised to act like that.

There is one in particular that is becoming well-known for being a subversive parasite, and it's operated by a non-White homosexual who is probably also jewish or at least shabbos. The goal of said operation isn't to advance the causes of White people. Their goals are:

  1. To disrupt, circumvent, and work against the goals of White people;
  2. To get White people arrested and have their lives destroyed; and
  3. To advance the perceived need for hate speech legislation.

They are so transparent in these subversive goals and tactics that I don't even have to name them, but will: The Goyim Defense League or GDL (Handsome Truth). And you knew that before I said it.

You are being tricked, and you are falling for it. Stop. As of now, warnings have been provided. If you get "caught up" in their bullshit, I will only say: I told you so.

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