A Statement About AI

The Digital Telepresence Platform does not use AI internally, as a back-end service for analytics, or to generate (or correct) the content presented by the platform.

Shing.tv has no "AI" anywhere in the entire system. AI is not used to analyze the system (or you). There is no AI with which you can interact. No aspect of the entire platform is either "powered by" or "interfaced with" any AI of any form.

The Digital Telepresence Platform itself contains no AI. There are additionally no "algorithms" in place that artificially boost or suppress any presentation of any information.

Nothing in the system will help you complete a sentence or "say what you mean" because we figure you're pretty good at that all by yourself. Nothing on the system will attempt to have a conversation with you except for other people.

My platform doesn't control you. You control the platform. When you search, it does its best to find what you asked for without messing with what you wrote. You can search for typos. It doesn't try to "autocorrect" you in any way. It doesn't generate "content" of any kind.

You never asked for gimmicks and bullshit. So we don't have gimmicks and bullshit. We also don't have to participate in expensive buzzword BINGO or waste our time and other resources on bullshit just to get attention from "VICE News" so people will talk about us. If being honest, we're happy those people don't talk about us (or you).

Pursuing the development and deployment of AI just for "buzz and attention" is the single most misguided thing I've ever seen someone do. We aren't next.

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