Crypto Update: October 2022

We support it's use, it seems to work, but people mostly ignore it. So do we. Because it's mostly fake, probably gay, and it "feels" jewish. So it gets ignored.

There is still no reason to consider cryptocurrencies more than I already do. In any given month, there are maybe one or two transactions via crypto. It remains the least significant source of business and revenue for the company.

I am never asked to support it more, and people generally don't even bring it up across the whole platform from the streamers on the screen to the people in the audience. It has never (not even once) been called the most convenient way to do anything on our platform. People just don't use it.

I spend $12/month to keep a real-time exchange rate API in service so I can provide exchanged amounts for things. Crypto barely paid for itself last month. I'm not complaining, it's a fun experiment learning what's real and what's not real in the world of crypto.

We're going to keep supporting/accepting it for those who want to use it. But, we're not taking crypto seriously and are otherwise just ignoring it. None of this is a complaint. We exceeded our goals last month by accepting the US Dollar.

Sure, we'd like to have an online payment gateway of some kind that people would use and maybe find convenient. But, they all mostly suck. They have stupid fees in modern times. They all rape your data. And, our people just don't want to pay those fees while giving up all their data anymore. It's really that simple.

Our people also know that crypto is not private, and lives up to none of it's promises.

So, we're building the PO Box payment method. And, our people are actually excited about that.

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